About us

FP Industry is a leader in making rapid prototyps, CNC machining parts, low volume production, injection molds and moldings . Your design can be realized from prototype to Box in our factory. Since 2010, we offer manufacturing service to customers in diverse industries all over the world. Our professional team of engineers and technicians use advanced  techniques like CNC machining, EDM, wire cut machines, lathe machining and plastic injection molding to turn your designs into reality quickly, good quality at reasonable price

FP Team

    We are in pursuit of quality and strive to continuously exceed their own team, each member is intimate partner, growth and development together with the company.Our engineering team is consisted of technicians with more than 10 years’ experience in metal and plastic industry. They know very well about overseas standard for injection molds, molding. Most of important is they have passion to molds, and love their job.

FP Industry Advantages

Free Design Engineering Service
 Before making layout for die casting molds & injection molds with our CAD systems, FP check and revise the part-design of your component or products to avoid the process troubles, and make them (more) feasible for Volume production and high volume production  thus being a cost-effective partner.  

Professional Sales Service

At FP Industry, Sales team can serve with professional manufacturing knowledge. Each new member will be trained in our site, and work rotation in different department, to make sure easy communication with clients.

Immediately  Response

We understand fully that waiting without any news is the worst thing customers never ever want to suffer. At FP Industry, any of your inquiry is promised to be responded with 24 hours. We always keep communicating with our customers in time through email, wechat, skype, phone call, and update their projects’ status in time.

Low Volume Production

FP take low volume production order  from 1pcs+. Our machining center can bring your design into reality in 3-7 days. Low volume, middle volume and high volume can be supported in FP Industry by different methods.

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