Q:How Long does a quotation takes in FP Industry?

A: It takes 3 days for normal projects. If longer time required for special projects, we will let you knowQ:  based on your information.

Q:How do you think of your price?

A: Comparing with similar level suppliers, we are lower price with high quality. 

Q: What's kind of file FP Industry accept for quotation?

A: 3D files in STP,IGS is the best. If no 3D file, 2D file in PDF with technical requirement in detail is acceptable. 

Q: How can we trust if our design will not disclosure?

A: We will sign a NDA  with your company. Also we have management to keep each project confidential. Since FP Industry born in 2010, no project was exposure to irrelevant party. We respect clients' project and live on this.

Q:How long time do you take for a project?

A: A small amount prototypes take 3-7 days. It depends on your parts' structure, quantity and requirement. Send us your product file for accurate time. 

Q: Can I use my own material for production?

A: Yes. It's OK

Q: How many engineers do you have for injection mold?

A: We have 6 project engineer and 5 mold designers. 

Q:How can we make payment?

A:  T/T to bank or Paypal are acceptable.

If you have any other question about us, welcome to contact us at info@fpindustry.com.

Our Customer Service will reply you in 24 hours.

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