MI 2nd generation Bluetooth audio review

The application of mold injection in life is actually very extensive. Products with plastic or metal used in life are produced by molds. But when it comes to molds, people tend to feel strange and know very little about it. Today, we take a product that is commonly used in life as an example, and learn a little basic manufacturing knowledge from the details.

The following product is the a rectangle box 2nd generation Bluetooth audio. This product has been on the market for a long time. Today we  take one to learn the manufacturing knowledge through physical objects.


1, from the design point of view, the shape of the design is very simple, it is indeed a square box.


2, then look at the method of disassembly, the entire main board is wrapped by an aluminum alloy middle frame + upper and lower cover. This type of design is really small, very traditional family style, and very apple, after all, it is emulated. .


3, the front sound hole, the aperture is large or small, the side is the button and the silicone pad, the back plate is the interface position, because the product is laterally used during normal use, so the interface does not affect the back.


4, from the process analysis, the middle frame part is aluminum alloy profile cutting + sand blasting oxidation. The front side is made of white plastic and the bottom is white.


First look at the first small problem, the position pointed by the arrow, the combination of the line, the direct observation of the naked eye is more difficult to find, when the product is observed under the reflective conditions, it will be particularly obvious, and the darker the color, the more obvious. When the picture was taken, it was not obvious. I was able to make it more prominent after the PS adjustment. In order to let everyone see the defects of the material formation.


So how is the bond line formed?

Earlier we shared an article to analysis the bonding line issue.  Please click here to read it if interested.



Let's look at the second small problem. The gas pattern, where there is a glue point, will basically have this gas pattern. If it is not at the same time, then the first advanced glue point, the more obvious the gas pattern.


The third problem, after the material is thinned, it is easy to scratch, the finer the selection, the easier it is to scratch, the thicker and deeper the texture is selected, the better the scratch resistance.


Summary: Combine the three problems exposed above, when the product is selected for surface treatment, although the material can save part of the cost, the defects of the appearance will be exposed very obviously. In the quality of the control product, it needs to be properly adjusted. Productivity is very difficult to do.

Moreover, these defects can be completely avoided by adjusting the machine, but need to be solved in multiple directions.

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