Car components replacement cycle


Replacement cycle: : 50,000 to 80,000 km


 To replace the tire regularly is necessary, no matter how durable it is., can not use for a  lifetime.

Under normal circumstances, a tire replacement cycle is 50,000 to 80,000 km.

If there is a crack on the side of the tire, even if the mileage is not reached,

For safety reasons, also should replace it.

When the tire pattern depth is less than 1.6 mm, or if it has reached the wear indication mark, it must be replaced.


2,Wiper Blade

Replacement cycle: one year


For the replacement of wiper blades, it is best to change once a year.

Daily use of wiper blades, to avoid the "dry scraping", it is easy to damage the wiper blade,

Serious damage to the car glass.

It’s better to start the wiper for the car owner after spraying glass liquid with good clean and lubricity. Usually wash the car should also clean the wiper at the same time.



3,Brake Pad

Replacement cycle: thirty thousand kilometers


Brake system inspection is particularly important, a direct impact on life safety,

Under normal condition, the brake will wear gradually along with mileage increasing.  If the thickness of the brake pad is less than 0.6 cm, it must be replaced.

In the case of normal driving, replace the brake pads per 30,000 km.




Replacement cycle: 60,000 km


The battery is usually checked for replacement in about 2 years.

Usually in the vehicle flameout, the car owner should use the electrical equipment of the car as little as possible, to prevent the battery power loss.


5, the engine timing belt

Replacement cycle: 60,000 km


The engine timing belt is best checked or replaced at 2 or 60,000 km.

However, if the vehicle is equipped with a timing chain,

It is not necessary to be replaced by "2 years or 60,000 km".


6, oil filter

Replacement cycle: 5000 km


To ensure the cleanliness of the motor engine oil circuit, the engine is equipped with an oil filter in the lubrication system.

In order to prevent impurities in the oil caused by oxidation and produce glue and sludge clogging oil.

Oil filter should be replaced together with oil after travelling 5,000 kilometers.



7, Air filter

Replacement cycle: 10,000 km


The main role of the air filter is to block the engine in the inhalation of dust and particles,

If the filter is not long-term cleaning and replacement, it can not be shut out of dust

If the engine inhaled the dust, will cause the cylinder wall abnormal wearing.

So it’s the best to clean air filter every 5000 km.

Blowing by the pump is good, do not use liquid to wash.

The air cleaner needs to be replaced every 10,000 km.


8, Gasoline filter

Replacement cycle: 10,000 km


Gasoline quality continues improved, but will inevitably be mixed with some impurities and moisture, So gasoline into the petrol pump must be filtered,

To ensure that the oil circuit is smooth, the engine is working properly.

As the gasoline filter is a one-time use,

Every 10,000 km need to be replaced.


9, air conditioning filter

Replacement cycle: 10,000 km inspection


Air conditioning filter and air filter working principal is similar, to ensure breathing fresh air while the car air conditioning turns on.

Air conditioning filter should also be replaced regularly,

When the use of air conditioning when there is odor or blowing

When a lot of dust from the outlet or order, the cleaning and required.


10. exhaust pipe

Replacement cycle: 70,000 km


Exhaust pipe is one of the most vulnerable parts of the car,

Do not forget to look at when doing maintenance.

Especially with three-way catalytic converter exhaust pipe, should be carefully checked.

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