Do you know the ten principles of mold parting line design?

Consideration of clamping force

The mold lateral clamping force is relatively small, so for large products with large projected area, the larger projected area should be placed in the direction of cavity and core opening/closing, and design the side smaller projected area as the side parting.

Meet part’s releasing requirement

Parting surface is for the product can be taken out of the mold smoothly. Therefore, the parting area should be selected in the largest part of the product section size, which is the most basic principle.

The shape of the parting surface

On general products, a parting surface perpendicular to the moving direction of the injection molding machine is usually used. Other shapes are only used in special cases. Easy to processing and releasing is the principle of parting surface shape. Take a curved product as an example, the parting depends on its curvature.

Ensure product outlook and quality

Do not choose the parting surface on the smooth surface of the product. Appearance is generally not allowed to have the clamped lines and other lines impacted produce aesthetic impact; For products with concentrically requirements, all parts with concentrically requirements must be placed on the same side to ensure concentrically.

Determination of Direction

When determining the orientation of the product in the mold, the parting surface should be selected to prevent the product from forming side holes or side buckles, and the complex mold structure should be avoided.

Good for releasing

The mold demoulding mechanism is in the core side generally, so choose parting surface should be as far as possible to make the product leave in core side after mold opening. Therefore, for some may stick to the mold, we tend to do mold auxiliary stripping mechanism.

Consider the lateral mold opening distance

Generally the side opening distance is relatively smaller. Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, the long direction of core pulling distance should be selected in the mold opening and closing direction, and the short direction should be used as the side parting.

Mold parts are easy to process

When selecting parting surface, the mould should be divided into parts that are easy to be machined to reduce machining difficulty.

Conducive to venting

When the parting surface is used as the main venting, the parting surface should be designed at the end of the plastic flow to facilitate the venting.

R parting

For many products of mold design parting, parting surface has a full circle of R Angle, at this time the parting must take into account the best R parting, can not occur sharp side.

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