How to choose a prototype factory in China


There are a lot of prototypes companies in China.  It's important to choose a suitable prototype supplier because it  matters the fate of your project.  A good prototype supplier can help you to solve problems for manufacturing, offer valuable advice and make your project success in fast time.  But how to choose a good prototype supplier?

First of all, it's IP issue. A good factory must have very strict management to keep your product non-disclosure.  FP Industry take clients' IP seriously. Only specified people have access to clients' E-file. And all workers related have to sign a document with FP to ensure no one will take risk to disclosure it.  During our decades history, we protect our clients' IP very well and no disclosure happened. 

On manufacturing aspect, rapid Prototyping should not only focus on product design, but also neglect manufacturing. When some users develop products or trial-produce new products, they often focus on product development and  ignoring communication with prototype manufacturers.After the preliminary determination of the product design plan, there are two advantages of contacting the prototype manufacturer in advance:

1. It can ensure that the designed products have good forming technology and will not modify the design because the parts are difficult to process.

2. Prototype manufacturer can make design preparations in advance, so as to prevent improper consideration and affect the lead time.

Second, when choosing prototype suppliers, it is not necessary to choose the cheapest prototype company. The price is too low, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and the number of rework increases, which can not achieve the desired effect of engineers. The most important thing is to choose a suitable prototype supplier according to the development orientation of their own enterprises.

Third, prototype with high precision needs to be processed by high precision CNC machine tools, and the material and forming process of the prototypes have strict requirements. It also needs to use CAD/CAE/CAM technology to design and analyze. When choosing a cooperative manufacturer, we must understand its processing capability, not only depending on hardware equipment, but also combining management level, processing experience and technical strength.

In a word, only when the supply and client  cooperate closely, can we finally reduce the cost and shorten the time of making high-quality prototypes. Don't just care the price, but consider all aspects of quality and service.

FP is a reliable supplier making rapid prototypes, machining parts, molds and molding plastic parts.

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