The most popular wearable products, which one you have?

Fueled by the arrival of the Internet time, smart hardware grows very fast. The hot of phone and Tablet PC is because compared to the PC, mobile phones and tablet PCs more portability, from a macro point of view, we are still in the traditional Internet to the mobile Internet evolution process, the mobile phone tablet is not the final form. Predicts that the terminal equipment in the future will be highly integrated, its shape will be integrated into our daily life. With Google glasses and Apple iWatch as the representative of the wearable computing (Wearable Computing) products, for example, wearable products application began to affect the technology Industry, close to personal life of intelligent equipment, become the most popular.


In such a world interconnected all over the world, if you are not a technical fear or take the initiative to avoid digital products, then the wearable products will not be refused. wear-style products will be applied or integrated into the user's clothes or accessories equipment. such equipment in 2012 began to show explosive growth trend, thanks to low-power computing, Corning glass, flexible screen, somatosensory, touch and other new technologies gradually became mature. and today we come to see a common look at the fun prodcts those has been exposed or still stay in the conception stage. Perhaps they are changing the world. Let ‘s share several new smart products.


Cool Helmet which can listen to music and call/answer the phone:

A lot of extreme sports enthusiasts want to have such a equipment supported listening music while doing sports. This sports music helmet just meet their needs, from the style point, this should be for the U-slot trainers to prepare , With a one-piece design, we see the red Beats wire, when you can switch a song or answer the phone directly. This is a sports music helmet launched by Beats and POC jointly..

The Glass to over jet-leg

This over-jet-lag glasses havs a group of green LED lights, with glasses, can be a specific intensity and frequency of green light to your eyes, and the angle of exposure does not affect your normal look, but this light can hint your mind, so that their biological clock quickly adapt to the local time.  how to adjust the schedule, which for some often flying business people, is simply too practical.


Artist favorite music shoes


"Shoes is only his surface to cover up, in fact, it is a hair dryer". Years ago, although the domestic equipment failed to become a reality, but has been very close, and if move to present, will be sought after those artists .


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