How Importance role does the prototype play in product development?

The decision at the beginning of industrial design is a comprehensive consideration of the entire life cycle of product design positioning, cost control, manufacturing, quality inspection, publicity and display, marketing and recycling.

In the industrial design process, model making is an important part. The progress from pure manual model making to mechanical prototype making to modern 3D printing prototype making is a microcosm of the progress of modern manufacturing technology, in which hand model making is advanced. Design technology, but the attention is not enough. Practice has proved that the production of the hand model not only plays a very important role in product design decision, but also a tool for product information confidentiality and marketing promotion.

Model making is a test of the designer's comprehensive ability


Prototype  Demands

The design shows the requirements and the design can be expressed and tested more intuitively.

Design exhibition needs, publicity and design exchanges, electronic display, commercial promotion.

The demand for factory product verification, the application of the hand model in the initial stage of product design and product development, is not suitable for mass production and processing. If the mold is opened, the risk is greater, so more and more companies choose to use the hand model to verify the appearance and structure. Seize the market ahead of time.


Sense of model making

The prototypes can detect the product and enable the best improvement and perfection of the product, so that the product has the best performance. Allowing consumers to buy products with superior performance and beautiful appearance can not only gain the recognition of consumers, but also occupy a broad market in the industry. At present, the prototype has an extremely important role in the automotive parts, medical equipment and household appliances industries, and also plays a key role in those fields, and has an irreplaceable role.


Prototype making

1. Design evaluation;

Can be divided into: external dimensions, parts removal ratio, color matching, material and surface texture.


2. Structural design rationality assessment;

   Can be divided into: product size, assembly method, structural strength, fit clearance, material selection.


3. Product functional testing;

   Can be divided into: assembly test, operation test, drop test, electrical test, motherboard performance test.


4. Cost optimization before putting into production;

   Can be divided into: structural parts cost accounting (what must be, which can be canceled), electrical layout optimization (such as FPC routing, etc.), assembly method cost optimization.


5, Prototype display;

   Can be divided into: marketing, electronic exhibitions, e-commerce photography and so on.

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