common injection molding defect analysis and solutions--sticking mold

The finished product is attached to the core side when the mold is opened, and the molding parts is broken or convex when the mold is pushed out. If the mold is bad, it will stick to the cavity side.

Mold venting bad or no venting slot (venting slot position is not correct or depth is not enough) caused by unsmooth demoulding;

If the injection pressure is too high, the deformation is large and the contraction is uneven.

Adjusting the mold temperature is effective to prevent unsatisfactory demoulding, good for demoulding after the molding product cooling and shrinkage.  but, if the shrinkage is excessive, it is not easy to demoulding on the moving mold, so, must maintain the best mold temperature.

 In general, the mold core temperature 5 ℃-10 higher than the cavity temperature, depending on the actual situation.

 If the center of the nozzle and the gate is not in right position,  hole deviation or the diameter of the nozzle is larger than the gate diameter, it will cause the unsmooth demoulding.



High raw material temperature

High Injection pressure

Long injection time

Long holding time

Short cooling time

High holding pressure


Insufficient draft Angle of mold

High mold temperature

Bad mold venting

Uneven mold cooling

The nozzle diameter is larger than the gate diameter

Irrigation mouth migration

Raw Material

Insufficient liquidity of raw materials

The shrinkage of raw materials is small

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