Some tips on two color mold design

1. The basic principles of two-color injection mold design:

(1) Hard rubber is done once, and soft rubber is done twice;
(2) 1 time for transparency and 2 times for non-transparency;
(3) The plastic with high injection molding temperature is made once, and the molding temperature is low twice;

The above is the basic principle of making two-color injection molds, otherwise the injection molds will be white; in addition, when sealing the glue, try to use the sealant instead of inserting the sealant, even if it is recommended that the customer modify the product, it must be broken. gum;

2. The guide bush guide bushing must be symmetrical about the top, bottom, left and right, and the front and rear modes are symmetrical.
3. The rear mold should be rotated 180 degrees, and the front mold does not move.

4. The spacing of the products must be based on the spacing of the nozzles of the injection molding machine. The distance between the nozzles of the two-color injection molding machines in foreign countries is adjustable, and some are not adjustable, and the domestic ones are not adjustable.

5. Two separate ejector systems, two for the top stick. The two products of the rear die are the same, the thimbles are the same, and the rotation relationship is not made into a translational relationship.
6. The ejector plate can only be reset with a spring. It is not possible to force the reset by the screw because the rear die has to be rotated.
7. The side lock must be on the four sides of the center of the mold, and the front and rear molds are symmetrical. Otherwise, it is not good when the rear mold is rotated 180 degrees and is not matched with the front mold.

8. If the distance between the glue points and the distance between the nozzles of the injection molding machine are different, the top stick holes should be made into a waist type because the spacing of the top pins of the injection molding machine is not adjustable. Note that most of the injection nozzles of domestic two-color injection molding machines are not adjustable.

9. Pay attention to the parallel direction of the injection molding machine provided by the customer, which is the X-axis or Y-axis, to determine the layout of the product.

10. The direction of water in and out of the water must be on the side of the heavens and the earth, and the inflow and out of each circulating water must be on the same surface. The water should not be in the sky, and the water should be on the ground side. Because the back mold should be rotated 180 degrees, pay attention to the mold. The size should not exceed the height of the water tank of the injection molding machine, otherwise the water cannot be transported.
11. The first injection of the product should be placed on the non-operating side, because the first injection of the product should be rotated 180 degrees for the second injection, just to the operating side, easy to take the product.

12. The pattern position of the exit mold should be on the operating side and the non-operating side, not on the heaven and earth side, because their products should be fully automatic.

13. Note on the parting surface: the parting surface of the rear mold parting surface should be the back part after the combination of the two products; the front part parting surface should be taken from a single product, and the combined product is not available. Parting surface.
14. The tolerance of the front and rear flanges is minus 0.05mm, the tolerance of the two flanges is plus or minus 0.02mm, the gap between the top and the top of the top stick is 0.1mm, and the center tolerance of the guide bushes of the front and rear die guide sleeves is positive or negative. 0.01, the tolerance of the four sides and the depth of the mold frame. Otherwise, when the rear mold rotates 180 degrees, the front end is generated due to the inconsistency of the height. The frame depth tolerance is minus 0.02 mm.

15. If the mold base has been processed in the mold factory, the factory should process the nozzle and the top stick hole, and take the number of the center of the guide hole of the four guide pillars as the reference. Otherwise, the deviation is too much, and the card is easy to be used. Die die. When ordering the mold embryo, it is necessary to indicate that it is a two-color mold base. The four guide pillar guide sleeves and the frame are symmetrical, and the rear mold can be matched with the front mold after being rotated by 180 degrees.

16. If it is the two-color rotation of the rear mold, it is much simpler. The two front cores are the same... After the hard rubber is injected, rotate 180 degrees (note that the product can not be dropped when the product is turned, the gate can be automatically separated. ), after turning to the other side, then injection molding soft rubber... injection molding hard rubber does not need to arrange the thimble... just arrange the core on the soft rubber side... Also shrink the water to pay attention... if the soft rubber is completely Hard rubber entanglement.. Just put the shrinkage of hard rubber... If the contour is connected, the hard rubber soft glue should be shrunk.

17. If it is a two-color mold of a mold, it is a straight barrel, a 90-degree barrel shot, no need to rotate, only one core, soft and hard glue separation method by row seal gum.
18. Cavity's two shapes are different, forming one product separately. The two shapes of the Core are the same.

19. After the front and back molds of the mold are rotated 180° from the center, it is necessary to match. This check must be done during design.

20. Pay attention to the position of the thimble hole with a minimum interval of 210mm. Large molds must properly increase the number of jack holes. Moreover, since the thimble attached to the injection molding machine itself is not long enough, it is necessary to design a long ejector pin in our mold, and the thimble grows about 150 mm from the base of the mold base.

21. Two positioning rings must be designed on the back plate.

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