What is Rapid Prototype and its role?

1 definition of industrial prototype

Rapid prototype plays a very important role in the whole industrial design system. It is the verification of the appearance, shape and thinking of industrial design, as well as the feasibility of structural engineering design.

Industrial prototype: commonly known as first model, rapid prototyping. Its main production methods include CNC machining, laser rapid prototyping and small batch production of silicone mold.

 Industrial models are widely used in the design and development stage of new industrial products. The designer confirms the product and tests the function, so as to improve the design, reduce the development cost, shorten the development cycle, and quickly obtain the design approval.

[ii] role of industrial model making

1. Appearance design evaluation;

   It can be divided into: external size, disassembly proportion, color matching, material and surface finish.

2. Evaluate the rationality of structural design;

   It can be divided into: product size, assembly method, structural strength, fit gap, material selection, etc

3. Product functional testing;

It can be divided into: assembly test, operation test, drop test, electrical test, motherboard performance test.

4. Cost optimization before production;

 Can be divided into: structural parts cost accounting (which parts necessary, which can be cancelled), electrical layout optimization (such as FPC wiring mode, etc.), assembly mode cost optimization, etc

5. Prototype display;

   It can be divided into: marketing, electronic exhibition, e-commerce photography and so on

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