Rapid Prototype

    Prototypes are generally a small number of samples, made by CNC machines utilizing  3D computer-aided file. Prototypes take its advantages of short production time, low cost to verify a product design.  It’s necessary to process a rapid prototype before investing a production mold.  It can help product developer to avoid many troubles and losses.  FP Industry is an expert in making rapid prototypes by CNC and 3D printing. Our sophisticated manufacturing skill and management will help you to make your products success.

Prototype Classifications

By prototypes’ function, it can divided into following 3 different types. Clients can choose proper one according to usage.

1) Aesthetic Prototype: To test product appearance design mainly, requires exquisite appearance, accurate color, the internal processing requirements are not high.

Example: Mobile phone models in display case of shop.

(2) Structural prototype: To test products geometry mainly. High requirement for size and lower requirement for appearance.

(3) Functional prototype: This type of prototypes require the same appearance, structure and function as real products. They can be understood as unlisted products.

Prototypes We Made

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