Surface Finishing

Proper finishing can improve products’ look, feeling and function. FP Industry has a wide knowledge of surface finish to reach customer’s requirement. Following surface finishing service is what we can offer to metal and plastic products.


Painting is the most common and simple process, and painting effect on prototypes is quite strict. The paint with metal texture is basically used for digital parts prototype.

2. Oxidation

In fact, oxidation is anodizing treatment. Without anodizing treatment, aluminum alloy prototype  is easy to be oxidized in natural environment.So oxidation treatment is mainly aimed at aluminum alloy prototype.


3. Satin Finish

Satin finish is the surface showing numerous rules of filament, looks more exquisite. Satin finish is common in metal products.

4. Plating

Electroplating is mainly divided into water plating, vacuum plating and ion plating. Water plating is commonly used in plastic materials; vacuum plating is easy to control the thickness of the coating; ion plating can only be used for metal materials.


5. Corrosion Texture

Corrosion Texture is mainly used for plastic material, and mainly white, black and grey three colors. It is very common on prototypes.

6. Screen Printing

Graphics and LOGO are printed on the surface of the product by hand.

7.Laser Etching

Characters requiring translucent light and metal surface engraving need to use radium engraving technology.

8. Sandblasting

After polishing prototypes, the product looks more beautiful through sandblasting treatment, and anodizing.

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