PC+ABS automotive parts molding

Product introduction:


Material: PC+ABS


(1) Excellent mechanical strength.
(2) Good oil and chemical resistance.
(3) Good wear resistance and lubricity.
(4) Good electrical insulation.
(5) Compared with nylon 6, it has rigidity, toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance and fatigue resistance.

Forming conditions:

(1) Drying: 80 3 ~ 4 hours or 110 ~ 120 2 ~ 3 hours.
(Fiberglass grade 110-130 degrees C for 2-4 hours).
(2) Emission temperature: 265 295 C.
(3) Temperature of die: 70 ~110 C. (The closer the mould temperature is to the resin temperature, the better the resin "crystallization" and the most stable product size.
(4) Rotation speed of screw: 50-70 rpm, back pressure: 0-5 Kg/cm2.
(5) Ejection pressure: 700-1300 kg/cm, ejection velocity: 50-70%.

Product scope of application:

It is widely used in automobile industry, including fans, fences, door handles, filters, etc. Household appliances such as kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaners and window fittings, or conveyor belts, condiment bottles, bearings and single wheel tyres can also be manufactured.

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