motor base parts,PBT plastic injection molding

Product introduction:


Plastic Material: PBT

Application Scope
Household appliances (food processing blades, vacuum cleaner components, electric fans, hair dryer shells, coffee utensils, etc.), electrical components (switches, motor shells, fuse boxes, computer keyboard keys, etc.), automotive industry (radiator panels, body panels, wheel covers, door and window components, etc.).

Process conditions

Drying treatment: This material is easy to hydrolyze at high temperature, so drying treatment before processing is very important.
It is suggested that the air drying conditions should be 120 C, 6 - 8 hours, or 150 C, 2 - 4 hours. Humidity must be less than 0.03%.
If dried with a hygroscopic dryer, the recommended condition is 150 C for 2.5 hours.
Melting temperature: 225 ~ 275 C, recommended temperature: 250 C.
Temperature of die: 40 - 60 C for the material of unreinforced type. The cooling channel of the die should be well designed to reduce the bending of the plastic parts.
Heat must be dissipated quickly and evenly. It is suggested that the diameter of the cooling channel of the die should be 12 mm.
Injection pressure: medium (up to 1500bar).
Injection speed: The injection speed should be as fast as possible (because PBT solidifies very fast).
Runner and gate: circular runner is recommended to increase pressure transfer (empirical formula: runner diameter = thickness of plastic parts + 1.5mm).
Various types of gate can be used. Hot runners can also be used, but care should be taken to prevent leakage and degradation of materials.
The gate diameter should be between 0.8 and 1.0*t, where t is the thickness of the plastic part. If it is submerged gate, the minimum diameter is recommended to be 0.75 mm.

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