precision cnc machining frame,aluminum frame machining

Product introduction:

Material: Aluminum

In high-speed cutting, because of large machining allowance and intermittent cutting, milling process often produces vibration, which affects the processing accuracy and surface roughness. Therefore, the NC high-speed cutting process can generally be divided into roughing - semi-finishing - angle clearing - finishing and other processes. For parts requiring high precision, it is sometimes necessary to finish twice and half, and then finish. After rough machining, the parts can be cooled naturally to eliminate the internal stress and reduce the deformation. The allowance left after roughing should be larger than the deformation, generally 1-2 mm. When finishing, the surface of parts should be kept uniform. Generally, 0.2-0.5mm is the best way to keep the tool in a stable state in the process of finishing, which can greatly reduce the cutting deformation, obtain good surface processing quality and ensure the accuracy of the product.

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